IKA Double Sided Prnting New Technique


IKA Textile has exclusive technology now to print silk scarf for two times respectively in the silk front and the back. Therefore, the colors in the scarf front and the back actually will be applied with same ink, thus almost same color reflection can be achieved in the scarf front and the back.  

Now, LV has program to use this new technique. Who catch this chance earlier who win the world. 


Please read the following information carefully before contacting us for the double sided order. 


1 ) Available Silk Fabric

 Silk fabric thicker than 16mm.


2) Sample Cost

We only do samples for orders that meet the minimum order quantity above.  COLOR MATCHING will be done in the sample stage. 



3)  Production Cost

Please contat us for a quote.


4) Delivery Time

The delivery time takes 2-4 weeks depends on your quantity.

i-  Sample Delivery; in 1-2 weeks

ii-  Production Delivery: 3-4 weeks depends on your quantity.



5) Way to Order

step 1:  Directly contact us for a quote while provid the following informaiton


step 2: send us the design for review if it is suitbale for double sided printing. You can send the design to kikizhuhl@163.com through a public server, such as www.wetransfer.com 

step 3: We will send you an invoice for the order payment.




If you have questions not answered here, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US.